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I’m a freelancer, which means I’m probably looking for work right now, so if you want to hire me you’re definitely in luck. You can send any queries to roxmchirila (that nice at sign) yahoo (dot) com (I don’t bite unless I have a very good reason, so dare), but if you’re curious about what I can do, here’s a non-exhaustive list:


-Romanian to English
-English to Romanian

My rates?… Market-level or thereabouts. Mail and ask.


I can do them. .srt, .sub – if your heart desires something else, I’ll probably find a way to do it. And yeah, I do care a lot about making them readable and perfectly sync-ed.


I can transcribe – accurately, quickly, correctly, in Romanian and English. I’ll probably be relentlessly worrying at the issue of whether that mumbled thing is “Aristotle” or “Ares’ total” before deciding to put in that [unclear] tag (you’ll probably have to be coughing over the words while banging a drum to get me there).

I’m a fast typist, which means I hit 60-70 words/minute when I set my fingers to it. However, even so, even with good quality dictation, transcription usually takes 3-4 times the length of the recorded material. For one hour of good, slow transcription, I, or somebody else, will probably be putting in 4 hours’ non-stop work. Which is why transcriptions are less cheap than you’d think. My own rates are at around $1 (USD)/recorded minute, unless I’m offering you a discount for whatever reason.

Other services:

Writing stories, writing non-fiction, content writing, scriptwriting, editing literature, reviews, editing academic writings – I’ve done it all at one point of time and I’m up for doing it again. Mail and inquire.

So, why should you hire me anyway?

Because you know you want to.

Well, all right, here’s some actual reasons:

-I’m a certified Romanian translator for English and Japanese – aka, the Romanian Ministry of Justice thinks I’m good enough to translate for them. It’s not amazingly high praise, but it’s decent enough.

-I’ve majored in Japanese, minored in English and I have an MA in British Cultural Studies. All of my higher education happened at the University of Bucharest (which is one of the top learning institutions in Romania).

-I’m not sure how often I’ll remember to update this, so I’ll date it: as of April 2013, I’ve translated four books from English to Romanian and one from Romanian to English.

-I’ve subtitled a film of about an hour (and a few other things, but they didn’t amount to anything very impressive). Ok, I’m not overwhelming you with my experience here – but you’ve done one subtitle, you’ve done them all.

-I keep translating articles, essays, short prose and whatever comes my way via freelancing. It adds up, especially since they’re usually more challenging than the run-of-the-mill book: much variation, finding the right terminology, shifting styles, making things sound good in various ways…

If I decide to work for you, we’re on the same side. If you need someone to look up publishers in Romania or in the UK, or if you need things done just like this or just like that – well, I’ll see what I can do.

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