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I’m a freelance translator, which means I’m often open to hearing about new collaboration opportunities. You can e-mail me at roxmchirila (at) yahoo (dot) com.

As I mostly use this blog in a personal capacity, I often forget to update this page – my LinkedIn profile is more likely to have information about my recent work.

I have a BA in philology (Japanese major, English minor, please don’t ask about Japanese), and an MA in British Cultural Studies, both from the University of Bucharest.

My language pair is En-Ro (English into Romanian) and I specialize in software, applications and video games, although I started out as a literary translator.

Early in my career, I’ve translated 7 1/2 books from English into Romanian, and 5 books from Romanian into English for various clients.

In 2014, I entered the world of app and video game localization, working for Riot Games as a translator and later as head reviewer, totaling over 2,000,000 words of UI, voice over scripts, dev posts, subtitles, short stories, patch notes, support articles, comics and more.

I am very proud to have been the head translator and reviewer for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. With the help of two colleagues, we localized the in-game subtitles for the Romanian version of the game.

I have, over the past years, worked on a widely-used messaging app, as well as mobile games, desktop games, a board game and more, providing localization, translation and transcreation for a wide range of texts, starting from FAQ and troubleshooting articles, going through marketing and presentation texts, and all the way to poetry.

(Please note that I rarely change static pages on this blog; for up-to-date information, please e-mail me.)

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