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NaNoWriMo had an idea (but didn't mention it)

This post is in English because whatever.

So, apparently the biggest „Let’s write!!!” thing in the online world, NaNoWriMo is hosting a very stealthy event on April 13: the NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon. Where you sit down for 8 hours and write, or something of the sort.

For the record, I love NaNo. It’s the sort of thing that gets you to sit down and start writing instead of sitting down and thinking of writing. 50.000 words in November. Well, the combo of writing too much, keeping your eyes on the word count and not taking the time to think things through usually means that the actual output is crap… But whatever. I love NaNo because it kicks people into gear and gets them to do something. And the bigger it gets, the more chances you have of getting in touch with other writers in your area and therefore meeting interesting new people.

I’m not sure I’ll join the April 13 event. I’m already writing 😛 But if you’re interested in a bit of writing hype, well, why not?

One thing I don’t get, however, is why they decided to make what is essentially a fund-gathering event a hushed up, silent event. Sure, I got a notification via e-mail telling me there’d be an April 13 Writing Marathon, but there’s nothing about it on their home page. Nor can I see any „Marathon” button in the menu. It’s like an invite-only donation derby. O_o

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