Who is a killer on messenger (hint: it's either me or Hannibal)

Friend 1: holy flying fucking shit on a pogo stick!
Friend 1: :-O
Friend 1: *watching hannibal*
Friend 1: it’s a totem
Friend 1: made of people
Friend 1:  *everything* is people in this show
Me: so it would sound
Friend 1: each episode, the psycho of the week finds new and interesting ways to use his victims
Friend 1: and then hannibal pulls a copycat murder so he can re-supply his fridge
Friend 1: last week, the killer stuck a cello neck into the victim’s mouth and out his throat so he could play his vocal cords like strings
Friend 1: and before that, there was the guy who cut wings out of his victims' backs to turn them into angels
Friend 1: the first ep was another cannibal
Friend 1: i’m at the point where i keep wondering what they’ll come up with next
Friend 1: and wondering if they’re getting their ideas from tumblr

At this point, Friend 2 shows up – in another messenger window, obviously. And notices my „the quickest way to have a political spam war on your blog is to say you don’t want to write about politics…” status.

Friend 2: :)))))))))))))
Friend 2: your status is a killer
Me: there’s something up with killers tonight