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Doctor Who – Christmas special 2013 review [spoilers]

Warning: this review contains spoilers. And it also doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t seen the episode. Or the series. If you don’t watch Doctor Who, or if you haven’t seen „The Time of the Doctor” yet, go back. I mean it. To start this off: I am not mad at Steven Moffat. I remember all the cool episodes he wrote for Doctor Who, I remember Sherlock and Coupling and Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death and hell, even Press Gang.

Yet Another Christmas Carol [short story]

[Note: This is yet another short story I wrote a few years ago and never got around to editing. Well, ’tis the season to post it. Although I swear my style got better. Really. Eventually I also started editing. Like, really. I swear. *sigh*] It was Christmas, celebrated all around Earth – and in Heaven, of course. As for elsewhere… If you believe for a single second that the devils don’t celebrate Christmas, you are, well, right, actually.