Roxana-Mălina Chirilă

my own stories

The Fighter and the Blond [Story]

[Author’s Note: So, this isn’t a short story, not really. Short stories have points and they create a universe of their own and enchant you all by their lonesome. They’re enough in and of themselves. This is a scene. It has a mini-point. It takes place in the ’90s in Kyoto. Sara is the same Sara from Flight from Hell, but at a low in her life when she really doesn’t like humanity as a whole.

The Translator [short story]

Author’s notes: I wrote this a while ago for a friend. It turns out that this blog has any number of spiritual people visiting, so as I was going through stories and trying to pick one to post here, I decided that this one would be perfect for all audiences.

I broke a few polite rules in writing this one. One such unspoken rule is that a character’s name shouldn’t resemble that of the author. Another says that characters aren’t supposed to look like self-inserts unless they are self-inserts. Those things make it so much easier for people to interpret and criticize, but I like having fun and seeing what happens if I do one thing or another.