Roxana-Mălina Chirilă


The mystery of the 1-star rating

Currently my rating for Flight from Hell over on the Big World Network is of 4.6/5 (with 9 votes cast). You can see it here. But not so long ago it was 4/5 (with 4 votes cast). Reverse it and try to figure out what the possible votes could be: 4*4 = 16, therefore the 4 votes amounted to 16. Possibilities: 4 ratings of 4; 2 ratings of 5, 2 of 3; 3 ratings of 5, 1 of 1.

Discussions on literature (consider us drunk)

Linda’s come over, all the way from the other side of the country. Which is really cool. And conversations are getting really weird. We were talking Flight from Hell and we got to incubi and succubi. Linda: Do you remember how incubi and succubi used to be so rare in fiction? And now they’re all over the place. Me: I swear to God I didn’t know Amanda had a series called Incubus before submitting to the Big World Network.

Amanda Meuwissen's "Incubus" [Book Review]

Title: Incubus Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 4/5 Is this book for me? Probably. Wait, no! Do gay people bother you? Then no, it’s not. But otherwise, yes. A cool, adventurous novel of the supernatural and romantic sort, complete with a Seer, fairies and magic. Incubus is the sort of novel that keeps you turning pages (or, in my case, listening to the next audio chapter, read by the author herself). It’s sweet, a bit fluffy, romantic and it has action going on, as well as danger hanging over the heads of the characters for a bit of thrilling fun.

Presenting: Flight from Hell by Roxana Kiril (coming next week)

My novel is nearly here. Just a bit over a week and, on August 4th, the first chapter/episode will be launched on the Big World Network. Until then, I’ll be procrastinating with you and sharing little tidbits. Let’s see… where to start, what to say… About 9 years ago I realized being a writer was an option. Picture it: somewhere in Transylvania, there is a village. It has a castle (a very tiny castle) and the castle has a domain.

"Flight from Hell" on August 4th

Just a short announcement: my novel, „Flight from Hell” will be launched on the 4th of August on the Big World Network. Keep an eye out for Roxana Kiril 😉 The genre(s): Horror/Supernatural. Rating: 18+. Apparently I can’t write stuff for a general audience even if I try. Not that I was particularly trying to. The first episode (chapter) will be available for free. After that, reading is subscription-based, but the subscription is barely $3.