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Flight from Hell – episode 2

A reminder that the new episode is out and that it’s free to read and free to listen to. Quote: [H]e leaned his sword against the warm, reddish stone and it occurred to him that the image created was beautiful in a simple, elegant way. When his sword would drop and his blood would seep into the reddish ground, that would be beautiful, too. Read it here.

Flight from Hell – episode 1

The first episode of „Flight from Hell” is out! A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell. If this was the beginning of a joke, Nakir couldn't wait to hear the punchline. Check it out on the Big World Network website! New episode every Sunday, first three episodes free – look for Roxana Kiril 😉 Audio version also available (read by yours truly)

Amanda Meuwissen's "Incubus" [Book Review]

Title: Incubus Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 4/5 Is this book for me? Probably. Wait, no! Do gay people bother you? Then no, it’s not. But otherwise, yes. A cool, adventurous novel of the supernatural and romantic sort, complete with a Seer, fairies and magic. Incubus is the sort of novel that keeps you turning pages (or, in my case, listening to the next audio chapter, read by the author herself). It’s sweet, a bit fluffy, romantic and it has action going on, as well as danger hanging over the heads of the characters for a bit of thrilling fun.

Presenting: Flight from Hell by Roxana Kiril (coming next week)

My novel is nearly here. Just a bit over a week and, on August 4th, the first chapter/episode will be launched on the Big World Network. Until then, I’ll be procrastinating with you and sharing little tidbits. Let’s see… where to start, what to say… About 9 years ago I realized being a writer was an option. Picture it: somewhere in Transylvania, there is a village. It has a castle (a very tiny castle) and the castle has a domain.

Thoughts around my novel

I’ve finished recording the audio version of the first episode of Flight from Hell and I’ve sent it off to the Big World Network. Meanwhile, I’m writing episode four, which turned a bit surreal on me. Novels do that, I think. Surprise you. You think you have stuff figured out and then there’s this extra bit of richness or of fun lying about, ripe for the writing. Flight from Hell is the sort of thing you don’t plan on writing.

Amanda Meuwissen's "Real Fangs" [Book Review]

Title: Real Fangs Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 3/5 (subjectively. I can see it get 4/5 from somebody who likes the style of the story) Is this book for me? It’s a light, slice of life supernatural novella. Some vampires, some werewolves. No wars. No psychological drama. Not much plot, either. If you’re looking for something fun and almost fluffy, this is it. If you’re looking for something engaging or deep… not so much.

Amanda Meuwissen's "The Collector" [Book review]

Title: The Collector

Author: Amanda Meuwissen

Rating: 4/5

Is this book for me? It’s a light supernatural novella. It has the Devil, some hell creatures and a simple mystery plot. If you’re looking for something light and easy to read this weekend for your enjoyment, then go ahead. If you’re searching for complex plots or philosophical insights, skip it.

Niște update-uri pe scurt.

Pe au reduceri de 70-85% la o grămadă de jocuri în următoarele 18-19 ore (după postarea asta). Recomand Tales of Monkey Island. Am citit două serii de pe Big World Network, The Collector și Real Fangs, ambele de Amanda Meuwissen. O să le scriu recenzii în curând. Pentru acum: sunt simpăticuțe, ușurele, genul d nuvele din care mai citești încă un episod de parcă ai lua o bucată de ciocolată.

Writing on the novel (vs writing on TV scripts)

I’m under the weather again today. Somewhat dizzy, somewhat nauseous. It’s either some sort of flu, or the meditations of my ’enemies’ are actually working for once (yes, I live in a context in which people meditating for my downfall is not entirely out of the question, even if I think it highly unlikely – I’m not important enough). I would go to the gym, but I’m already working out with the lightest weights in existence and there’s nowhere to downgrade to.

"Flight from Hell" on August 4th

Just a short announcement: my novel, „Flight from Hell” will be launched on the 4th of August on the Big World Network. Keep an eye out for Roxana Kiril 😉 The genre(s): Horror/Supernatural. Rating: 18+. Apparently I can’t write stuff for a general audience even if I try. Not that I was particularly trying to. The first episode (chapter) will be available for free. After that, reading is subscription-based, but the subscription is barely $3.