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computer science

Why Person of Interest makes me headdesk

So. Watching this show because my buddy Linda suggested it – „Person of Interest”. It’s about guy number 1, who’s some sort of super-agent James Bond whose vocal chords got set to „rough and mysterious” in childhood and who only ever loses a fight when plot demands; and guy number 2, who’s one of those genius programmers you keep hearing about. This show takes a helluva lot of suspension of disbelief.

Sorting algorithms are… strangely cool?…

I learned computer science for four years in high school. One of the teachers didn’t know what arrays were for at one point, but if we had had somebody who was any good at programming, or teaching, or preferably both, I really wish they’d shown us this: Sorting algorithms. All sorts of sorting algorithms. Done visually! With added sound! I have never felt more tempted to run off and learn how they’re done and how quick each of them is in my life.

Despre informatică

Azi făceam tura lui „ce mai e nou pe net” via RSS când am dat peste un articol de-al lui Dorin Lazăr, care invită tipele să se apuce de calculatoare. Pe Dorin l-am cunoscut când cică mă întâlneam cu o trupă de scriitori amatori de prin Brașov. Eram într-o ceainărie, loc neutru. Toți ceilalți scriitori dispăruseră în ceață, iar eu așteptam un tip de care nu știam nimic. Absolut nimic. Decât că scria chestii și era posibil să-l cheme Dorin Lazăr (dar nici de nume nu eram perfect sigură).