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Replică la articolul de pe Yogaesoteric

Bun, după cum spuneam într-un articol recent, s-a scris un articol despre mine pe Yogaesoteric, site-ul oficial al grupării MISA, condusă de Gregorian Bivolaru. Cei care mă cunosc destul de bine știu că am tendința să iau texte la bani mărunți și să încep să demonstrez ce ar merge mai bine la ele – fie că e vorba de gramatică sau logică.

Pe scurt, editoarea mea interioară e o scorpie obsesiv-compulsivă. Am tradus articolul de pe Yogaesoteric al lui Călin Gruia și mă tem că asta înseamnă că am văzut fiecare frază întortocheată rău, fiecare greșeală de tipar, fiecare argument prost, fiecare greșeală de argumentare.

Article About Me on (translation)

My note: The following article was published on the website on the 8th of March 2013. It’s a response to a conference in which I talked about MISA, a Romanian yoga group which is spreading in various other countries, and its leader, Gregorian Bivolaru. The conference was held at the meeting of the anti-cult organization FECRIS in Perpignan, France, in October 2012. You can find the written conference on this very blog.

As a side note, I spoke freely during the conference, which means that any recorded audio/video version is going to differ slightly from the written one. However, the basics are the same.

Unfortunately, the author writing this article for the MISA official website,, only read my impressions of the trip to Perpignan and not my actual conference, which means he missed the opportunity to offer a reply to the issues that I really raised. The author still pretends he read it, though, which I find to be delightfully ironic in some corners.

The FECRIS Conference

This blog will mostly be in Romanian, but since my conference in Perpignan was in English and it’ll take awhile before I get around to translating it, I figured I might post the text as-is.

Two things:

  1. You may use the text of this conference as you wish – as long as you don’t modify it and you attribute it to me (and it would be nice if you also specified the context). Re-post it, criticize it, publish it – be my guests. If you’re doing something with it online, a link back would be very nice. If you’re doing something interesting with it, I enjoy being told. But if I’m unavailable for comment or whatever, just assume you have my permission.

For further info (or for criticism or whatever), I am available here, or at roxmchirila (at) yahoo (dot) com.