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Flight from Hell – the end of season 2

There’s still a bit to go before the last episodes of season 2 of Flight from Hell are available online, but I’ve already sent them out. (which reminds me, a new episode was posted today) For the past few days I felt lost. I’ve written 2 seasons of Flight from Hell – 12 episodes each, so 24 in total. About 3000 words/episode, give or take. About 70-75 thousand words, I think.

Flight from Hell – 12 episodes, 12 quotes

All of Season 1 of Flight from Hell has been written, edited, fixed and recorded and is steadily going online every Sunday on the Big World Network. Two episodes to go! So. Flight from Hell is a supernatural/horror series set in Hell (hence the title). The reason is probably the sex – or the mindfuck. Quotes: Episode 1 -- „A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell.

Flight from Hell – episode 3

Episode three – the final free episode – of Flight from Hell is out. Quote: The way he was still touching the maid-clad woman was both disturbing and as eye-catching as erotica written on dirty sheets by a naked writer with a cigarette between his lips and three-dollar whores serving as muses. Warning: There’s a lot of sex-related stuff in this one (sex Hell, duh). And probably disturbing stuff as well (although I’m sure slash fans and fetishists will enjoy it).

Flight from Hell – episode 2

A reminder that the new episode is out and that it’s free to read and free to listen to. Quote: [H]e leaned his sword against the warm, reddish stone and it occurred to him that the image created was beautiful in a simple, elegant way. When his sword would drop and his blood would seep into the reddish ground, that would be beautiful, too. Read it here.

Flight from Hell – episode 1

The first episode of „Flight from Hell” is out! A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell. If this was the beginning of a joke, Nakir couldn't wait to hear the punchline. Check it out on the Big World Network website! New episode every Sunday, first three episodes free – look for Roxana Kiril 😉 Audio version also available (read by yours truly)