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Flight from Hell – 12 episodes, 12 quotes

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All of Season 1 of Flight from Hell has been written, edited, fixed and recorded and is steadily going online every Sunday on the Big World Network. Two episodes to go!

So. Flight from Hell is a supernatural/horror series set in Hell (hence the title). The reason is probably the sex – or the mindfuck.


Episode 1 -- „A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell. If it was the beginning of a joke, Nakir couldn't wait to hear the punch line.”

Episode 2 -- „Sara was now as tall as a house, her eyes gold, her bared fangs shining in the light as if she were Hell itself. But if Nakir remembered them right, Madness and Ferocity had had a hundred times her strength and ferociousness. Still, not bad. Not bad. He could foresee not dying quite as fast now.”

Episode 3 -- „After the preliminaries of the conversation, Ashmedai was a trip down the rabbit hole. Probably the drug-induced kind of rabbit hole, but still. [..] The way he was still touching the maid-clad woman was both disturbing and as eye-catching as erotica written on dirty sheets by a naked writer with a cigarette between his lips and three-dollar whores serving as muses.”

Episode 4 -- „“Did the devils make this?” Sara asked. She had barely spoken since they'd come to the road. “It doesn't seem particularly Hellish.”

“I don't know. Legends say there was something in Hell before the Fall. They might have just discovered this. Or it might have built itself.”

Sara laughed. The sound echoed around them eerily and loudly, which probably displeased her because she stopped abruptly. “Roads with walls and towers don't build themselves, you know.”

“Here they do.”

Episode 5 -- „“I hate this place,” Sara mumbled. “Deeply. Profoundly. From the bottom of my bloody soul. I loathe it and despise it. I want to tear it into little pieces and throw them into a fire and feed the ashes to elephants. Then I want to kill the elephants and bomb their carcasses, then send their remains to the bottom of the ocean.”

Episode 6 -- „“What do you think he's doing inside?” Nakir asked.

“Abusing hair gel, inflating sex dolls, corrupting the innocent, waiting to see how long it will take us to realize we've been locked on the balcony. Do you really want my theories?””

Episode 7 -- „Heaven was cruel. It was something humans had never been told because they didn't need to know. Its particular branch of painful coldness never touched them directly.”

Episode 8 -- „“I loathe myself, and sing myself, and what I endure you shall endure,” she said. “Or how did it go?”

She'd gotten things wrong, as usual. She'd twisted them into something bad, cynical, filled with anger and hatred.”

Episode 9 -- „He placed his lips against Nakir's ear and whispered, “I want to fuck you into the wall, I want to have you struggling against me while you pant in pleasure, I want you to curse me the whole way and give me that disapproving, spiteful look when your hips buck against me. But until then, angel, I'll have to let you go.””

Episode 10 -- „“There's a dead human in my bed,” the pretty succubus who'd screamed announced to every single person inside in a high-pitched, hysterical tone. “She's awful. Oh, take it away, take it away!”

Episode 11 -- „Nakir would kill him. They both knew it. Any second now, the angel would end the priest's chants and there would be no more Gilbert.”

Episode 12 -- „Nakir opened his eyes and saw a tall ceiling decorated with wooden patterns. He wasn't in his own bed. He wasn't clothed. He wasn't alone. His lips were parched and tasted of blood.”

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