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Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" [Book Review]

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 5/5 Is this book for me? Yes. It takes a certain amount of magic to make you not realize that the main character has no name until you need to write the review. He is a man in his late forties, early fifties, driving down the lane where he used to live as a child. There was a funeral.

Free award-winning fantasy prose from Tor

I’ve only just seen this today, but the awesome Tor.Com, one of the biggest short fantasy stories publishers out there, is giving away a free mega-book of the award-winning prose they’ve been posting on their site for five years. I’ve just downloaded my copy and it’s huge. I mean it. You should have a few extra hundred MB for the .pdf and the .mobi is well over 100 MB as well.

Gizoogle + Gregorian Bivolaru

Because of Stephen Fry, I ended up on It appears to be a search engine that takes Google results and turns them into their gangster-speak versions. It’s an online translator of sorts, but with magnificently hilarious results.

Stephen Fry results on Gizoogle were really funny.

Gregorian Bivolaru results made me laugh my arse off. I wonder if the official Yogaesoteric website will issue an outraged cry against Gizoogle XD

Here’s the main page of the website:

Da Romanian Yoga mackdaddy Home page – Introduction

This joint raps bout tha case of Gregorian Bivolaru, tha mentor of a big-ass spiritual movement up in Romania. Da organization he dropped is called MISA, tha Movement fo’ Spiritual Integration up in Absolute, n’ its main focus is on tha practice of yoga n’ meditation.