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Puzzle-urile Noriel: par faine, sunt frustrante

Cred că am mai zis în câteva rânduri că am o pasiune pentru puzzle-uri. Dimensiunea standard pe care o prefer e de o mie de piese: distracție de vreo zi sau două, numai bună pentru un weekend în care am chef să ascult o carte audio sau podcast-ul ICR (nu, nu cei finanțați de Stat). Am și câteva puzzle-uri mai mari, de exemplu un Clementoni de 1500 de piese cu poza asta cu turnul Babel:

Doctor Who – Christmas special 2013 review [spoilers]

Warning: this review contains spoilers. And it also doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t seen the episode. Or the series. If you don’t watch Doctor Who, or if you haven’t seen „The Time of the Doctor” yet, go back. I mean it. To start this off: I am not mad at Steven Moffat. I remember all the cool episodes he wrote for Doctor Who, I remember Sherlock and Coupling and Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death and hell, even Press Gang.

Working with the Big World Network

Flight from Hell is well into its second season by now – the fourth episode is out today and episodes 5, 6 and 7 are ready for when their time will come. 8 has been written, 9 is being written. And the one thing I keep saying this morning is that I have awesome publishers. First of all, the reason why I decided to get a novel published with them is that I absolutely loved the concept.

Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor [first impressions, no spoilers, no coherence]

…and it was everything that I remembered Doctor Who being, because it was awesome and plot-filled, humor-filled, and with loads of adventures and running about through time and some aliens and huge decisions to make. And several Doctors! Really, I missed David Tennant and it’s wonderful to see him interacting with Matt Smith. And Billie Piper! I mean, sure, at some point most of us thought that Rose Tyler was getting a bit too much of a ditzy blonde, although she was nice, but right now Billie is just perfect and I was, like, wow.