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Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor [first impressions, no spoilers, no coherence]

…and it was everything that I remembered Doctor Who being, because it was awesome and plot-filled, humor-filled, and with loads of adventures and running about through time and some aliens and huge decisions to make.

And several Doctors!

Really, I missed David Tennant and it’s wonderful to see him interacting with Matt Smith.

And Billie Piper! I mean, sure, at some point most of us thought that Rose Tyler was getting a bit too much of a ditzy blonde, although she was nice, but right now Billie is just perfect and I was, like, wow. Hello, you. Missed you and didn’t realize it until now! You are FANTASTIC!

Clara was nice, but somehow I feel like she’s getting the short end of the stick as a companion now. But seriously, with three Doctors around, everything else was bound to be in the background. But she was still useful and cute and she reminds me of a sparrow, as always.

Which reminds me that we did get cheesy aliens and some cheesy lines, but somehow that’s part of Doctor Who. Good ol’ British cheese, different from American cheese because it’s less pompous and more in good humor.

Which, in its turn, reminds me that they didn’t miss the chance to throw in a joke at the expense of the US XD They keep doing that. But, hey, of course they would.

I’m just squeeing and running around like a proper fangirl now and going „Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” all over the place.

Tomorrow I might actually catch my breath (and my brain) and write a proper damned review.

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