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Doctor Who – Christmas special 2013 review [spoilers]

Warning: this review contains spoilers. And it also doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t seen the episode. Or the series. If you don’t watch Doctor Who, or if you haven’t seen „The Time of the Doctor” yet, go back. I mean it. To start this off: I am not mad at Steven Moffat. I remember all the cool episodes he wrote for Doctor Who, I remember Sherlock and Coupling and Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death and hell, even Press Gang.

Working with the Big World Network

Flight from Hell is well into its second season by now – the fourth episode is out today and episodes 5, 6 and 7 are ready for when their time will come. 8 has been written, 9 is being written. And the one thing I keep saying this morning is that I have awesome publishers. First of all, the reason why I decided to get a novel published with them is that I absolutely loved the concept.

Plug for Eliza Enea's "Small Steps"

Fairytales coming to life during your University years are often more annoying than magical. Well, just so you know, the South Wing of the university vanished (so no classes, because that’s where they were held) and the roommate with the crossbow isn’t on goblin patrol duty because she went to a werehamster convention, or something like that. It’s the cheerful, absurd, fantastic, fluffy style of the story that brings on the fun.

Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" [Book Review]

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 5/5 Is this book for me? Yes. It takes a certain amount of magic to make you not realize that the main character has no name until you need to write the review. He is a man in his late forties, early fifties, driving down the lane where he used to live as a child. There was a funeral.


Amnesia is a scary game Amnesia is a fright I love to play, so it’s a shame It kills my sleep at night. Insomniac, I walk around A glass of drink to find When in the dark I hear a sound– Steve might be right behind! I dart around, a crazy girl In an old, friendly house I find a box, in it I curl More quiet than a mouse.

Amanda Meuwissen's "Real Fangs" [Book Review]

Title: Real Fangs Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 3/5 (subjectively. I can see it get 4/5 from somebody who likes the style of the story) Is this book for me? It’s a light, slice of life supernatural novella. Some vampires, some werewolves. No wars. No psychological drama. Not much plot, either. If you’re looking for something fun and almost fluffy, this is it. If you’re looking for something engaging or deep… not so much.

Amanda Meuwissen's "The Collector" [Book review]

Title: The Collector

Author: Amanda Meuwissen

Rating: 4/5

Is this book for me? It’s a light supernatural novella. It has the Devil, some hell creatures and a simple mystery plot. If you’re looking for something light and easy to read this weekend for your enjoyment, then go ahead. If you’re searching for complex plots or philosophical insights, skip it.

Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman": "Preludes and Nocturnes" [Book Review]

Title: Preludes and Nocturnes Series: The Sandman Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 4/5 Is this book for me? It’s a graphic novel – that’s a fancy way of saying „comics”. It’s also horror. I’m not fond of the drawing style. The writing is grand, each word falling as heavy as if it were engraved in granite, sent back in the past and reverberating at you from antiquity. This book is probably not for you.

Jim Butcher's "Storm Front" [Book Review]

Title: Storm Front

Series: The Dresden Files
Author: Jim Butcher

Rating: 4/5

Is this book for me? It’s an urban fantasy set in Chicago. It features a number of magical creatures, a plot best described as ‘detective mystery’, humor and, occasionally, profanity. If that sounds appealing, then the book is for you. If you’re looking for Deep Meaning, philosophical inquiry, Tolkien-like worlds, romance or Quotable Wisdom, then probably not.