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Plug for Eliza Enea's "Small Steps"


Fairytales coming to life during your University years are often more annoying than magical.

Well, just so you know, the South Wing of the university vanished (so no classes, because that’s where they were held) and the roommate with the crossbow isn’t on goblin patrol duty because she went to a werehamster convention, or something like that.

It’s the cheerful, absurd, fantastic, fluffy style of the story that brings on the fun. It has the air that you could be attacked by soft rabbits at any point of time and will need to pet them before you move on. The plot is cute and amusing – sometimes you might think there’s no stopping the matchmaking ways of the older generation of women, except through paranormal means. I have been assured that the behavior of such middle-aged women is entirely modeled on reality and have to be Mighty Glad to have escaped a large collection of aunts trying to set me up with cute men (I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t have liked being subjected to eye-candy whenever I visited relatives, but that’s another story).

Eliza Enea’s lovely, heart-warming series, „Small Steps” is happening over on the Big World Network, where it’s read by the authoress herself in her own clear, pleasant, talented way. Check it out!

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