Roxana-Mălina Chirilă

serial fiction

Plug for Eliza Enea's "Small Steps"

Fairytales coming to life during your University years are often more annoying than magical. Well, just so you know, the South Wing of the university vanished (so no classes, because that’s where they were held) and the roommate with the crossbow isn’t on goblin patrol duty because she went to a werehamster convention, or something like that. It’s the cheerful, absurd, fantastic, fluffy style of the story that brings on the fun.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Soooo… Read the book, decided to check the film out on youtube. Ran into this 10-minute preview, which I thought perfect for satisfying my curiosity. And I saw the English literature teacher, Mr. Anderson, whom I liked so much in the book. Check him out from about 5:30. Ermmm… What the hell was that?! 1. Which author invented the paperback book? Answer: None that I know of. ‘Paperback’ is basically a term describing a really simple idea: soft, inexpensive covers for books, bringing the price down and enabling higher sales.