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thomas hardy

[29 mar] Cartea de azi: „Tess d’Urberville” de Thomas Hardy

Într-un sătuc din Anglia victoriană, unui țăran îi intră în cap o idee fixă: că se trage dintr-o mare familie nobilă, d’Urberville. Nu e o idee pe care a avut-o dintotdeauna, dar pastorul i-a spus că numele lui de familie, Durbeyfield, ar putea fi o variantă adaptată a numelui franțuzesc, așa că brusc își imaginează că locul lui în societate ar trebui să fie cu totul altul. Așa că o trimite pe fiica lui cea mare, Tess, să lucreze la familia d’Urberville, ca să fie mai aproape de sus-pusele ei rude.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Soooo… Read the book, decided to check the film out on youtube. Ran into this 10-minute preview, which I thought perfect for satisfying my curiosity. And I saw the English literature teacher, Mr. Anderson, whom I liked so much in the book. Check him out from about 5:30. Ermmm… What the hell was that?! 1. Which author invented the paperback book? Answer: None that I know of. ‘Paperback’ is basically a term describing a really simple idea: soft, inexpensive covers for books, bringing the price down and enabling higher sales.

A list of classy WTF books

Do you know those books which you can supposedly brag about reading? You know, like „Pride and Prejudice”, „The Satanic Verses” or „The Iliad”? Of course you do. You run into them a lot – and there’s others which are less known, but just as impressive to mention. Except some of them are weird. Or very weird. Or, well, fucked up – despite being classics, critically acclaimed and other such. And despite their authors not thinking they were that twisted.