Wondering what I should re-read…

Three choices, all of which are awesome stories.

1. Lightning on the Wave’s Sacrifices series. Because it’s a wonderful mess of great characters, great writing, poetry references and psychological stuff. I loved it and I only read it once. Bad points: it’s 3 million words long. Good points: subtlety, great writing, I can’t remember things in it very well but I’d want to. It’s basically a series that starts with a gritting mindfuck and something that’s clearly wrong:

“What are your vows, Harry?”

Harry knew what they were, even though he was only five. He whispered them as his mother held him over his brother’s bed, and his mother said them with him, murmured hypnotic words that Harry had heard his whole life.

Think about it. A kid who has vows. Since he was 5. It only becomes horrible and then wonderful from there. Also the only story to make me wish I understood poetry more.

2. Peppermint Quartz’s Psychoverse. It’s got one of the most psychotic love relationships I’ve ever read. And it’s filled with disturbing scenes of the BDSM kind (not the 50 Shades stuff, I’m talking the real thing and then some), and of the freely psychopathic horror kind. When I first read it three years ago, I was giggling with horror and fascination and couldn’t stop talking about it. Bad points: I really need to dig up my list of which stories were part of it and in what order. Also, the writing isn’t that good in the beginning, although it gets better. There’s horror stuff going on. The author’s favorite way to move the plot forward is through porn. Good points: fascinating and horrible. It’s an interesting insight into psycho ways of thinking. It has occasional places where things and ideas just claw their way into your head and refuse to leave.

Thinking of Aizen made Ichigo tighten his grip on the battered steering wheel. He had actually begun to empathize with the traitor after spending almost two months with him and Ichimaru. He had fallen into their circle. They had wrapped everyone they came across into a spell – people saw the warmth and love they had for each other, and they wanted into that warmth. Hungered for it. Fought for it. Died for it.

Ichigo now realized that all the warmth was real, tender and genuine, and restricted to the two of them. They generated heat, that was true, but the heat didn’t touch any other person that they interacted with, merely a lure to lead the credulous in.

That pretty much describes the disturbed relationship of the story. The other parts are… less disturbing. Always a fascinating read, but clocking at over half a million words somewhere. Maybe more. I didn’t add everything up.

3. Phoenix.writing’s The Problem with PurityBasically a romance, but one with a plot, a very neat writing style and interesting ideas. I read it back when it came out, but I’ve always wanted to re-read. Good points: fancy writing, clever characters. Bad points: I can’t recall one, but maybe I’m not as enthused about it as about the others right now.


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