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Why Person of Interest makes me headdesk

So. Watching this show because my buddy Linda suggested it – „Person of Interest”. It’s about guy number 1, who’s some sort of super-agent James Bond whose vocal chords got set to „rough and mysterious” in childhood and who only ever loses a fight when plot demands; and guy number 2, who’s one of those genius programmers you keep hearing about. This show takes a helluva lot of suspension of disbelief.

Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" [Book Review]

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 5/5 Is this book for me? Yes. It takes a certain amount of magic to make you not realize that the main character has no name until you need to write the review. He is a man in his late forties, early fifties, driving down the lane where he used to live as a child. There was a funeral.

Free award-winning fantasy prose from Tor

I’ve only just seen this today, but the awesome Tor.Com, one of the biggest short fantasy stories publishers out there, is giving away a free mega-book of the award-winning prose they’ve been posting on their site for five years. I’ve just downloaded my copy and it’s huge. I mean it. You should have a few extra hundred MB for the .pdf and the .mobi is well over 100 MB as well.


Amnesia is a scary game Amnesia is a fright I love to play, so it’s a shame It kills my sleep at night. Insomniac, I walk around A glass of drink to find When in the dark I hear a sound– Steve might be right behind! I dart around, a crazy girl In an old, friendly house I find a box, in it I curl More quiet than a mouse.

AU Bleach via hijacked subtitles

Many years ago, I ran into this fan-subtitled version of the Bleach anime. The subs were good – until the second half of episode 41, where they were hijacked by someone out to troll, who replaced perfectly good lines with gangsta „You owe me money, bitch!” and sex-related themes. In other words, this nice, clean anime about loyalty and friendship and fighting for what’s right turned into its complete opposite under my terrified eyes, thanks to the insane ideas of whoever was in charge of the subtitles.

Tomb Raider and the History of Japan

[Note: This is a translation of an article I originally wrote in Romanian, but which I realized I wanted in English as well. And translators translate, even if they hate translating themselves.] I’ve been playing Tomb Raider these days. I won’t pretend I’m enough of a gamer to write a proper review, but I personally liked it. The plot isn’t amazing, but the atmosphere is. And it’s really neat to play from beginning to end.

A list of classy WTF books

Do you know those books which you can supposedly brag about reading? You know, like „Pride and Prejudice”, „The Satanic Verses” or „The Iliad”? Of course you do. You run into them a lot – and there’s others which are less known, but just as impressive to mention. Except some of them are weird. Or very weird. Or, well, fucked up – despite being classics, critically acclaimed and other such. And despite their authors not thinking they were that twisted.

Amanda Meuwissen's "Incubus" [Book Review]

Title: Incubus Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 4/5 Is this book for me? Probably. Wait, no! Do gay people bother you? Then no, it’s not. But otherwise, yes. A cool, adventurous novel of the supernatural and romantic sort, complete with a Seer, fairies and magic. Incubus is the sort of novel that keeps you turning pages (or, in my case, listening to the next audio chapter, read by the author herself). It’s sweet, a bit fluffy, romantic and it has action going on, as well as danger hanging over the heads of the characters for a bit of thrilling fun.

Wondering what I should re-read…

Three choices, all of which are awesome stories. Lightning on the Wave’s Sacrifices series. Because it’s a wonderful mess of great characters, great writing, poetry references and psychological stuff. I loved it and I only read it once. Bad points: it’s 3 million words long. Good points: subtlety, great writing, I can’t remember things in it very well but I’d want to. It’s basically a series that starts with a gritting mindfuck and something that’s clearly wrong: „What are your vows, Harry?