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The Fighter and the Blond [Story]

[Author’s Note: So, this isn’t a short story, not really. Short stories have points and they create a universe of their own and enchant you all by their lonesome. They’re enough in and of themselves. This is a scene. It has a mini-point. It takes place in the ’90s in Kyoto. Sara is the same Sara from Flight from Hell, but at a low in her life when she really doesn’t like humanity as a whole.

Flight from Hell – the end of season 2

There’s still a bit to go before the last episodes of season 2 of Flight from Hell are available online, but I’ve already sent them out. (which reminds me, a new episode was posted today) For the past few days I felt lost. I’ve written 2 seasons of Flight from Hell – 12 episodes each, so 24 in total. About 3000 words/episode, give or take. About 70-75 thousand words, I think.

Filmul cu ceainicul/The Teapot Movie [Ro + En]

Română: Pentru că Eftimie mi-a zis că-i amintesc de Linda. Un filmuleț pe care l-am făcut pentru un curs din facultate (cursul de media predat de unul din profii de japoneză). N-are subtitrare încă, dar dacă-mi spune careva un program bun, sau dacă-mi aduc aminte ce foloseam eu, o să adaug. English: Because Eftimie said I remind him of Linda. A short film I made for one of my undergraduate classes (the media course taught by one of our Japanese teachers).

Yet Another Christmas Carol [short story]

[Note: This is yet another short story I wrote a few years ago and never got around to editing. Well, ’tis the season to post it. Although I swear my style got better. Really. Eventually I also started editing. Like, really. I swear. *sigh*] It was Christmas, celebrated all around Earth – and in Heaven, of course. As for elsewhere… If you believe for a single second that the devils don’t celebrate Christmas, you are, well, right, actually.

A short explanation of the Romanian Santa invasion

So, here’s the deal. I know you English-speaking people around the globe sometimes refer to Santa Claus as ‘Nicholas’ (Saint Nicholas). But Romania, along with a few other countries, is special. We have an abundance of old men getting into our homes in various ways and leaving presents in various places (even if one of old men doesn’t show up anymore). First, Saint Nicholas, better known here as Old Man Nicholas.

Working with the Big World Network

Flight from Hell is well into its second season by now – the fourth episode is out today and episodes 5, 6 and 7 are ready for when their time will come. 8 has been written, 9 is being written. And the one thing I keep saying this morning is that I have awesome publishers. First of all, the reason why I decided to get a novel published with them is that I absolutely loved the concept.

Flight from Hell – 12 episodes, 12 quotes

All of Season 1 of Flight from Hell has been written, edited, fixed and recorded and is steadily going online every Sunday on the Big World Network. Two episodes to go! So. Flight from Hell is a supernatural/horror series set in Hell (hence the title). The reason is probably the sex – or the mindfuck. Quotes: Episode 1 -- „A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell.


Amnesia is a scary game Amnesia is a fright I love to play, so it’s a shame It kills my sleep at night. Insomniac, I walk around A glass of drink to find When in the dark I hear a sound– Steve might be right behind! I dart around, a crazy girl In an old, friendly house I find a box, in it I curl More quiet than a mouse.

Discussions on literature (consider us drunk)

Linda’s come over, all the way from the other side of the country. Which is really cool. And conversations are getting really weird. We were talking Flight from Hell and we got to incubi and succubi. Linda: Do you remember how incubi and succubi used to be so rare in fiction? And now they’re all over the place. Me: I swear to God I didn’t know Amanda had a series called Incubus before submitting to the Big World Network.

AU Bleach via hijacked subtitles

Many years ago, I ran into this fan-subtitled version of the Bleach anime. The subs were good – until the second half of episode 41, where they were hijacked by someone out to troll, who replaced perfectly good lines with gangsta „You owe me money, bitch!” and sex-related themes. In other words, this nice, clean anime about loyalty and friendship and fighting for what’s right turned into its complete opposite under my terrified eyes, thanks to the insane ideas of whoever was in charge of the subtitles.