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Filmul cu ceainicul/The Teapot Movie [Ro + En]

Română: Pentru că Eftimie mi-a zis că-i amintesc de Linda. Un filmuleț pe care l-am făcut pentru un curs din facultate (cursul de media predat de unul din profii de japoneză). N-are subtitrare încă, dar dacă-mi spune careva un program bun, sau dacă-mi aduc aminte ce foloseam eu, o să adaug. English: Because Eftimie said I remind him of Linda. A short film I made for one of my undergraduate classes (the media course taught by one of our Japanese teachers).

In the zone/out of the zone

The following paragraphs were written with programmers in mind, but they’re absolutely true for me concerning writing, translating, blogging and everything else, as well. (source) Here’s the trouble. We all know that knowledge workers work best by getting into „flow”, also known as being „in the zone”, where they are fully concentrated on their work and fully tuned out of their environment. They lose track of time and produce great stuff through absolute concentration.

A short explanation of the Romanian Santa invasion

So, here’s the deal. I know you English-speaking people around the globe sometimes refer to Santa Claus as ‘Nicholas’ (Saint Nicholas). But Romania, along with a few other countries, is special. We have an abundance of old men getting into our homes in various ways and leaving presents in various places (even if one of old men doesn’t show up anymore). First, Saint Nicholas, better known here as Old Man Nicholas.

A bunch of book offers tomorrow

For other book geeks like myself: The Book Depository is organizing another one of their book offers tomorrow, November 28, 2013. Starting with 12:00 noon GMT (7:00 AM EST, 11:00 PM AEDT), they’ll offer one book on discount every half an hour. So you’ll get one book when the clock strikes twelve, another when the clock strikes 12:30, another at 1 and so forth for 25 hours (50 books). Sometimes the discount might be 30%, at other times it gets to 70%.

Writing, video games and so forth

I don’t often write blog posts because somebody says „Be part of this! Write about this topic!” And yet here we are, because I find a certain topic interesting. Cathy Day, whom I’ve occasionally mentioned on this blog, wrote the following: I’ve never played a video game, but I recognize that it’s a narrative experience that lots and lots of people value. No judgement. But in my fiction-writing classes, I often read stories and novels that read as if I’m watching someone else play a video game.

Some sort of funny book sale

There's this site that sells books and ships them all over the world for free. It's called the Book Depository. It's kind of nice. They'll have this interesting promotion starting Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 AM EST (12:00 PM GMT, aka 2:00 PM Romania time). Every half hour, they'll offer some book on super-promotion. Apparently they sell out really fast, so it's best if you show up there in the first 20 seconds.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Soooo… Read the book, decided to check the film out on youtube. Ran into this 10-minute preview, which I thought perfect for satisfying my curiosity. And I saw the English literature teacher, Mr. Anderson, whom I liked so much in the book. Check him out from about 5:30. Ermmm… What the hell was that?! 1. Which author invented the paperback book? Answer: None that I know of. ‘Paperback’ is basically a term describing a really simple idea: soft, inexpensive covers for books, bringing the price down and enabling higher sales.

Ce cărți le plăceau britanicilor în 2003 (BBC Big Read)

Acum 10 ani, în 2003, BBC-ul a făcut un sondaj de opinie ca să afle cărțile favorite ale britanicilor. Și s-au ales cu lista de mai jos (le-am bolduit pe cele pe care le-am citit): [Mă întreb cum ar arăta lista azi] The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.

Why Person of Interest makes me headdesk

So. Watching this show because my buddy Linda suggested it – „Person of Interest”. It’s about guy number 1, who’s some sort of super-agent James Bond whose vocal chords got set to „rough and mysterious” in childhood and who only ever loses a fight when plot demands; and guy number 2, who’s one of those genius programmers you keep hearing about. This show takes a helluva lot of suspension of disbelief.

Reverse discrimination isn't less discriminating

Reading a very stupid „research” article in which 41 Turkish academics got questioned about their work environment to prove whether they were discriminated against or not. No research was done on men, all conclusions on the way women were treated vs. how men were treated are drawn from women’s answers about themselves. Which is dumb. Why? Because it is. You can’t compare two things if you only have data about one.