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A bunch of book offers tomorrow

For other book geeks like myself: The Book Depository is organizing another one of their book offers tomorrow, November 28, 2013. Starting with 12:00 noon GMT (7:00 AM EST, 11:00 PM AEDT), they’ll offer one book on discount every half an hour. So you’ll get one book when the clock strikes twelve, another when the clock strikes 12:30, another at 1 and so forth for 25 hours (50 books). Sometimes the discount might be 30%, at other times it gets to 70%.

Some sort of funny book sale

There's this site that sells books and ships them all over the world for free. It's called the Book Depository. It's kind of nice. They'll have this interesting promotion starting Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 AM EST (12:00 PM GMT, aka 2:00 PM Romania time). Every half hour, they'll offer some book on super-promotion. Apparently they sell out really fast, so it's best if you show up there in the first 20 seconds.

A list of classy WTF books

Do you know those books which you can supposedly brag about reading? You know, like „Pride and Prejudice”, „The Satanic Verses” or „The Iliad”? Of course you do. You run into them a lot – and there’s others which are less known, but just as impressive to mention. Except some of them are weird. Or very weird. Or, well, fucked up – despite being classics, critically acclaimed and other such. And despite their authors not thinking they were that twisted.

Amanda Meuwissen's "Incubus" [Book Review]

Title: Incubus Author: Amanda Meuwissen Rating: 4/5 Is this book for me? Probably. Wait, no! Do gay people bother you? Then no, it’s not. But otherwise, yes. A cool, adventurous novel of the supernatural and romantic sort, complete with a Seer, fairies and magic. Incubus is the sort of novel that keeps you turning pages (or, in my case, listening to the next audio chapter, read by the author herself). It’s sweet, a bit fluffy, romantic and it has action going on, as well as danger hanging over the heads of the characters for a bit of thrilling fun.

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Ok, ok, technically they’re the books in „1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”, several editions, which brings us to a total list of about 1200 books. Books I’ve read are in bold, books I started and never finished are in italics. There’s 3 or 4 on the list that I’ve read and barely recall… Yeah… For some it’s been awhile. I’m starting to think of the 1001 Books list as a sort of internet meme, no?