Roxana-Mălina Chirilă

Roxana Kiril

Flight from Hell – episode 1

The first episode of „Flight from Hell” is out! A dying angel, a strange magician human woman, and a carnivorous horse met in sex-Hell. If this was the beginning of a joke, Nakir couldn't wait to hear the punchline. Check it out on the Big World Network website! New episode every Sunday, first three episodes free – look for Roxana Kiril 😉 Audio version also available (read by yours truly)

Presenting: Flight from Hell by Roxana Kiril (coming next week)

My novel is nearly here. Just a bit over a week and, on August 4th, the first chapter/episode will be launched on the Big World Network. Until then, I’ll be procrastinating with you and sharing little tidbits. Let’s see… where to start, what to say… About 9 years ago I realized being a writer was an option. Picture it: somewhere in Transylvania, there is a village. It has a castle (a very tiny castle) and the castle has a domain.

Teeheheeheee! Varianta audio de la roman sună bine.

Deci, deci, deci! Romanul meu (Flight from Hell, pe monitoare din 4 august :P) o să aibă și o variantă audio. Citită de mine, că de ce nu (între noi fie vorba, momentan îmi urăsc vocea și accentul în engleză. Vocea din inerție, accentul pentru că citesc mult mai puține r-uri decât există în text. „Dă scai uăz ă daacă șeid ăf red, tingin toods dă cală ăf crasted blad.”)

"Flight from Hell" on August 4th

Just a short announcement: my novel, „Flight from Hell” will be launched on the 4th of August on the Big World Network. Keep an eye out for Roxana Kiril 😉 The genre(s): Horror/Supernatural. Rating: 18+. Apparently I can’t write stuff for a general audience even if I try. Not that I was particularly trying to. The first episode (chapter) will be available for free. After that, reading is subscription-based, but the subscription is barely $3.