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AU Bleach via hijacked subtitles

Many years ago, I ran into this fan-subtitled version of the Bleach anime. The subs were good – until the second half of episode 41, where they were hijacked by someone out to troll, who replaced perfectly good lines with gangsta „You owe me money, bitch!” and sex-related themes. In other words, this nice, clean anime about loyalty and friendship and fighting for what’s right turned into its complete opposite under my terrified eyes, thanks to the insane ideas of whoever was in charge of the subtitles.

Wondering what I should re-read…

Three choices, all of which are awesome stories. Lightning on the Wave’s Sacrifices series. Because it’s a wonderful mess of great characters, great writing, poetry references and psychological stuff. I loved it and I only read it once. Bad points: it’s 3 million words long. Good points: subtlety, great writing, I can’t remember things in it very well but I’d want to. It’s basically a series that starts with a gritting mindfuck and something that’s clearly wrong: „What are your vows, Harry?

But why Hermione/Loki?!

I’ve been going through fanvids today and I am amazed at the sheer number of Hermione/Loki ones out there. Last year I remember running into one and being surprised, now there’s pages and pages of them. Is this a mini-fandom now? Does it have a portmanteau name? …and are there any good fanfics in it? 😀

Flash fics for KD Heart

A friend of mine, KD Heart, is participating in what is probably a really bad idea. Namely, a challenge to record fanfiction. No prizes as such, that I know of, but she’s having fun. This is for her 😛 All the rest of you are probably way better off ignoring this current batch of crazy crap. I mean, you probably like your sanity and all that.