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Virgil Călin breaks the silence and responds to MISA. New disclosures about the inquiry in Italy


[Roxana Chirilă’s note: This message was written by Virgil Cătălin Călin, formerly a MISA instructor in Italy. It refers to the recent events in that country. It can be found in the original Romanian on Mihai Rapcea’s blog. I was asked to translate it for the benefit of English speakers and I am taking the liberty of spreading it around via my blog.]

I have decided to write these lines in response to the repeated accusations that have been brought against me during the last few years by Gregorian Bivolaru, the MISA leadership and the yogaesoteric website. I want to point out from the very beginning that up until now I didn’t have the slightest intention to respond, in any way, to the multiple false accusations that were brought against me by these people. I really wasn’t interested in the subject. I thought that if I didn’t answer, if I didn’t stoop as low as they do, finally they would stop and everybody would mind their own business. It would appear, however, that this is not the case and that these „people” dine on filth, which is why they always seek to provoke and maintain fights. I believe that, considering these last accusations that were brought against me on the yogaesoteric website (and considering the style in which the article is written, it is very likely that Gregorian Bivolaru is behind it), things have already gone too far and, seeing that these „people” won’t stop, I have decided to reply to shed some light for those who might be interested in it and who can still think independently and wish to use their discernment.

I will start by shedding some light on the lies in this last article, where it is impudently asserted that I would be the one who made the complaints that led to the police raids against MISA in Italy. The title of this yogaesoteric article says: „The investigations are based on a series of complaints made by a Romanian chef who lives in Italy and who wanted to get revenge for being kicked out of the Romanian yoga school”. Let us be clear: I am asking you to use your reason. First of all, I would like to say that I DID NOT FILE ANY SINGLE COMPLAINT! Not to the police, nor to anyone else. This is a lie that belongs to Gregorian Bivolaru and its purpose is to make you focus on a new „enemy” so you wouldn’t see the filth that this „school” wallows in. Should I understand that, through yogaesoteric, Gregorian Bivolaru „understood” that the stories about evil freemasons don’t work anymore and that now he’s trying to grab a hold on anything and anyone who can become an „enemy” to you? And, to prove that I haven’t lost my sense of humour, I challenge those from yogaesoteric and the person who, like a real vira [n. hero] hides behind this article, to a bet – a bet on how many million euros they want, if they prove that I have filed any single complaint. I want to repeat: I HAVE FILED NO COMPLAINT. As far as I know, the inquiry started from a complaint made, strangely enough, by the MISA representatives in Italy. These people were so „intelligent” that they went to the police to file a complaint saying that I put porn DVDs on their cars while they were attending a conference held by Stoian, which had as subject „The Power of Truth”, conference in which he talked about me and about how evil I was to have left MISA. In their great „intelligence”, they then declared to the police that, yes, they personally know the actors in those porn films and they’re all part of the same yoga school, but actually it’s not pornography, it’s art – and they themselves practice these Tantric customs. Their motivation for this complaint was that, supposedly, they were very worried that a child could have taken that DVD from car windows (DVDs that I hadn’t placed there, but, as in the case of other people, they had to have a scapegoat). Imagine that this was a tragicomic moment. The person making the inquiry, who called me there since I was an individual who had information on the subject, looked at me wide-eyed and said with astonishment: „Sir, I don’t understand, tell me. What does yoga have to do with pornography? And then, these people who made this complaint didn’t think that I am actually a cop and therefore I get a „lit light-bulb” when they tell me such a story and that I’ll therefore start investigating? The official question I have for you is: do you really know anything about these films and, I personally, because I do have a „lit light-bulb”, I want to know if you are aware in this case about any prostitution network or other activities connected to that area?” My answer was that I knew nothing about all that and that it was best for him to ask these questions directly of those who came to complain, because they were the ones who claimed they were friends with those actors, etc. That was all!

I was told then that he would continue his investigation. That was the first step, I think, in the beginning of this inquiry and it was made precisely by MISA representatives. Later on, as the majority of Italian newspapers wrote, I found out that there had already been many people, men and women, who complained about the treatment they were subjected to in these MISA branches. I have absolutely nothing to do with the things that happened these days, instead I can tell you that I was actually the first, this summer, who had his house, cars and yoga center searched to gather information for this inquiry. That was when I found out as well that there were complaints made by MISA students in Italy, that was when I found out that the legal circumscription was a serious one, even more so considering that those doing the inquiry were the Antimafia Commission of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Italy. I don’t know if that tells you anything, but if you look it up, you’ll see that this Antimafia Commission rarely picks up insignificant cases and, before police raids, they tend to have the necessary evidence to start an inquiry. But if you find it easier to believe that there is a secret plan through which MISA is „persecuted”, you are free to continue to let your conscience and reason sleep.

Also, in the title of the yogaesoteric article, it is claimed that I would have filed these complaints in order to get revenge because I would have „been kicked out of the Romanian yoga school”!?! First of all, if I really wanted revenge (?), do you really think this is how I’d have acted? What sort of revenge is this? Think for a second that I had many more means to do such a thing. Think a bit about the fact that what happened now in Italy is first of all a dirtying of the YOGA name, as it happened in Romania, and for me, as a person involved in this system, this is unpleasant, especially since many people unfortunately still think of me as connected to MISA. What sort of a person who had my possibilities would come up with such a stupid sort of „revenge”? I didn’t even think of revenge. People, will you really accept to be lied to in this way? Is there nobody who will get up and say: „Sirs, who are you trying to fool?” During that „divinely integrated action”, where people so heatedly asked for my charisma to be withdrawn, etc., wasn’t it exactly Gregorian Bivolaru who was talking to you and telling you that I was the one who decided to leave the „mother school”? When was I ever kicked out? I am the one who left precisely because of, among many other things, these infinite judicial vicissitudes with which MISA is endlessly confronted – and despite that they won’t stop those activities which harm the „school” no matter what. Didn’t Gregorian Bivolaru say in that message that I preferred to leave without even talking to him? And now he’s the one who comes and says, to fool you again, that they were the ones who kicked me out! Wake up and see the lie that is happening under your very eyes and which you aren’t reacting to. Didn’t Gregorian Bivolaru say in that message that I didn’t take any single yoga lesson from him or any other MISA instructor? Well then, where was I kicked out from? Ask yourselves why you’re continuously lied to.

And one final aspect referring again to the title of the article. This is connected to the fact that, as Gregorian Bivolaru mentioned in the beginning of his litany, and in that message from the „divinely integrated action”, I would be a „simple chef”, or more precisely, in this article he writes that I am actually a chef. This is said in a context in which it can seem that being a chef is a degrading occupation. Let’s make things clear. From my point of view, being a chef, like having any other job through which you honestly earn your living, is a noble job. I would like to point out here both my statements and the statements made by Gregorian Bivolaru, especially for those who practice karma yoga [n. volunteer work] in the kitchens in ashrams, in camps, in Gregorian Bivolaru’s home, and I will ask them to think, even for five minutes alone, about the opinion that Gregorian Bivolaru has about them and what he thinks of their worth as human beings. I gather from here that he judges and classifies people according to the jobs that they have, but, at the same time, we can see that he also has an unhealthy opinion about those jobs. I see that for him being a chef is something worthy of contempt, but videochat is something honorable and profoundly transforming. And since we’re talking about these things, let’s clear up this aspect in order to cure this obsession that some people have regarding my job. First of all, I am not a chef. My ID card says something entirely different (in Italy the ID card also names the owner’s job), namely: freelancer; but it doesn’t say chef at all and I don’t work as one, either. I did in the past, more than 20 years ago, and I made pizza and I’m proud of it. It was an experience that made me rich, both in experience and money, but also in inner growth. It was and it is a respectful job in the West and it’s very well paid, which was the reason why Gregorian Bivolaru often asked me to make donations. Back then he wasn’t quite as horrified by this job. Aside from that, because I said that I would help some of you to get past this obsession concerning my supposed job as a chef, I’d like to add that I have graduated, almost with the highest grade, from the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations. Moreover, I have a post-university diploma in Herbal Medicine and Bioenergotherapy, diploma gained with the maximum grade from one of the most renowned Academies of Natural Sciences in Italy. Aside from that, I have also studied at the most renown (real!) schools of yoga in the world, among which I will mention Shivananda’s School, Iyengar’s School and others that are less known, and I have also taught the class to train new yoga instructors in one of the World Yoga Federations. I have mentioned these few domains that I am proficient in here because I have truly studied them and I haven’t just improvised, to show you that the „bait” that mister Bivolaru keeps throwing at you, the one concerning being a „simple chef”, is false and also improper when you talk about someone. You don’t judge the person based on the job they have, especially if that job doesn’t harm others and is also an honest one.

And since we’re talking about jobs, I would like to ask you a question, in the spirit of the yogaesoteric article. It’s a rhetorical question: What is Gregorian Bivolaru’s profession? As far as we know, he is a plumber and he worked somewhere in the subway system. Not that this would be bad or ugly in itself, but since he’s the one who is so bent on discussing professions, he should first explain to us how things work in his case. What are his studies? What jobs do you have, you who have edited this article in which, like true viras, you hide behind nicknames?


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